Tuesday, July 31, 2007

16. Same shit - same locations

Oh well, back to work and as the title says, sod all has changed. Except for the fact that I now have a new boss so it will take some time to train him to our way of doing things. We are still desperately short of staff so I've been pounding the beat all on my lonesome again - in the same area that I got clobbered but fortunately no sign of the bitch.

Incredibly hot out there and sooooooooooooooo bloody boring - I've been struggling to get tickets, managing only a measly 6 but its no skin off my nose and if the tickets aren't there to be issued there is bugger all I can do about it. This attitude of course is totally wrong according to the PTB and I should obviously be doing more to get huge amounts of dosh into the Council coffers but what the hell am I expected to do. I consider myself a very fair Bitch of a Traffic Warden - and I refuse to issue in certain areas as the TRO's are either incorrect or totally non existant.
The Council policy is to get us to issue regardless and leave them to sort out any problems but that is a complete nono for me. I can see the writing on the wall and do not expect to last much longer but believe me, when I leave the local papers will get an Email stating exactly what has been going on with copies of the 'dodgy' TRO's and the PTB in the Council can try and handle the fallout for that - it will cost them thousands due to all the illegaly issued tickets.


Anonymous said...

who is to say that your new boss wont change things around to his way of working and making your job 'Council' a better place. Being a PA (as i am one myself) is all about the same locations and areas where ever you go thats what comes with the job.

The Muller said...

Err ... Hell_lo_ooo ... Anyone home?

Everything ok? You haven't been dooced, have you?