Monday, July 16, 2007

14. blog gap

Sorry folks, havn't been posting recently due to being assaulted the other day. This was the first time I've been hurt and TBH it has really shaken me up. In a nutshell, a lady disabled driver headbutted me when I least expected it for ticketing her car parked illegaly in a taxi rank. The police were called, she was arrested and I was whisked down the local nick for copious amounts of tea while giving a statement.
This happened near the end of my shift and by the time the police had finished with me was well past going home time. My good mate Shane was waiting at the office for me as the super had pulled all the other PA's off the street and he helped me download etc as I really didn't have a clue what I was doing. My nose and lip had been split and my blouse was covered in blood so I must have looked pretty bad - I certainly turned a few heads anyway :).
The assault happened on a Friday so I wasn't due back to work till Monday but on the day I couldn't face it at all and went to the Docs to get signed off (3 weeks for stress - if you want more just come back - Oh and please don't ticket my car if you see it - ROFL)
So I've been kicking back a bit and trying to forget about it, but I still can see her head coming at me and sometimes wake up in a sweat. I'm hoping I'll be able to get over this fairly quickly and get back out there again, fully confident, but right at this moment I still get the shakes just thinking about hitting the streets again.


Anonymous said...

If the CPS don't pursue the case, your Turkish friends should be able to ensure justice is seen to be done.

St. Valery said...

hehe - she got an £80 fine, an official caution (meaning a criminal record and in her case the probable loss of her job), the original £30 parking fine and another £30 parking fine as she took the PCN to the police station and the car was still there the next day. Thats good enough as far as I'm concerned.